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What You Need to Know About Withdrawing Acceptance

An offer and acceptance is the analysis of a traditional approach in contract law that is used to determine whether an agreement is valid between two parties. The term “agreement” consists of an offer by a party or individual (known as the “offeror”) to another entity known as the “offeree.”

The two sides enter negotiations based on the contract and its explicit stipulations. When the two sides agree on the intricacies associated with the agreement, a contract becomes realized.

When an offeree accepts the stipulations of an agreement or a contract, they are held responsible for fulfilling the intended roles of their agreement. If the offeree withdraws acceptance, depending on the form of the agreement, they will be held liable to fulfill the underlying terms of the agreement. There are instances where the offeree will be able to terminate the agreement, but a violation or a reneged stipulation must be present in the agreement.