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Understanding the Confidentiality Laws

Understanding the Confidentiality Laws

Confidentiality laws govern confidentiality agreements between psychologists and patients, doctors and patients, and lawyers and clients. By law, individuals who are employed in certain professions are required to keep patient and client information confidential. Under normal circumstances, they are not permitted to disclose patients’ information to anyone.

Psychologists, medical professionals, and lawyers are required to adhere to certain confidentiality laws. For instance, a medical professional cannot reveal any information about a patient’s health or treatment to another individual. 

A lawyer is not permitted to disclose information regarding a client’s actions or behavior if revealing this information will incriminate his/her client. However, if a psychologist or a medical professional believes that a patient is a credible threat to him/herself or to another individual, the medical professional is required to notify law enforcement officials.

Confidentiality laws vary significantly for each profession, and therefore, an individual should carefully review the confidentiality agreement associated with each of the stated professions.