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Look Into Nevada State Contractor’s Board

Look Into Nevada State Contractor's Board

The Nevada State Contractor's Board is a State-run agency that is responsible for processing and evaluating applications for the delivery of licenses to businesses who wish to initiate a construction of a structure or a specific project in the State of Nevada.

The Nevada State Contractor’s Board is empowered with determining and evaluating the necessary qualifications of all applicants interested in obtaining a license for general contractors in the State. In addition, the Nevada State Contractor’s Board oversees and disciplines all contractors in relation to their license and the specific rules associated with the contract. 

The procedure for determining an applicant's qualifications according to the Nevada State Contractor's Board relates to licensing requirements established in State Constitutions and the broader Federal Government laws associated with the inclusion of general contractors in a construction project or business venture.

In order to receive a license, the Nevada State Contractor's board must investigate the applicant's qualifications, which includes a full background check, a review of the applicant's ability and knowledge of the function or service in question, their overall competence, and the general character of the applicant. This review process provides the State as well as the Nevada State Contractor's Board with a secure feeling of licensing issuance.

The financial responsibility of a general contractor is not regulated by the Nevada State Contractor's Board, for it is determined using the standards and criteria set forth by Nevada law and Federal laws.


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