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Where Can I Find Sample Contract Forms?

Where Can I Find Sample Contract Forms?

Using sample contracts can help
individuals create contracts that will adhere to the basic tenets of contract
law while still being able to adapt to the particular needs of the contractual
situation in which they find themselves. 

Contract forms may be created that
will provide blank spots in the sample contract into which a party will be able
to fill in their name or any other relevant information needed to transform the
sample contract form into a legally recognized valid contract.

Contract forms can exist for
the sale of goods, to form employment contracts, to create a relationship
between a landlord and tenant, to form a legally valid will or trust, to form
consent or release documents, and to create contracts for marriage or

Other examples of sample
contracts include: event contracts; household services contracts; durable power
of attorney contracts; medical directives; other health and medical contract
forms; a variety of job contract forms, such as independent contractor agreements,
consultation contracts, project management contracts, or contracts for bidding
on a job; professional services contracts, such as a sample contract for child
care, for models, contract forms for a lien, a housing board contract, a contract
for maintenance, or model, painting, or photography sample contracts; contract
forms for real estate sales, rental contracts, general sales contracts, or
miscellaneous other forms of contracts.