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Peace Treaty and All You Need to Know

Peace Treaty and All You Need to Know

A peace treaty is a very
general term for any kind of treaty which would lead to the establishment of
some form of peace between two nations or governmental entities and which would,
thus, most often end a period of violence and conflict. As a peace treaty
establishes peace, it is separate and different from other forms of
conflict-ending treaties and interactions, which might end violence, as with an
armistice, but which would not actually bring about the same kind of lasting
peace meant from a peace treaty.

A peace treaty will generally
dictate many important terms regarding the conflict and the nations involved so
as to best help them satisfactorily end the conflict and prevent any future
conflicts from arising. To that end, a peace treaty might establish some means
by which the involved nations could solve future conflicts non-violently

peace treaty is also likely to establish certain important factors, including
rules regarding the behavior of the involved nations, the payment of any debts
which might have existed prior to the conflict and which might have arisen
during the conflict, the nature of any territorial borders which the countries
involved in the conflict might have, and more.

A peace treaty is different
from a non-proliferation treaty, although a non-proliferation treaty can be
considered to be something of a peace treaty in the modern world. A
non-proliferation treaty is a treaty which is specifically designed to prevent
nuclear weapons from spreading throughout the world, and as such, is designed
to limit future nuclear conflict in a means similar to a peace treaty. However,
a non-proliferation treaty is not a peace treaty because it is not designed to
end all conflict inherently, and it was not implemented to end a conflict, so
much as to prevent future conflict.