Simple Guide to Verbal Contracts

Simple Guide to Verbal Contracts

Simple Guide to  Verbal Contracts

In the United States, verbal contracts will usually refer to unwritten or oral contracts. An unwritten contract will usually mean that the contract or agreement was made through the use of spoken words as opposed to formally writing and entering into record the provisions of said contract.

The United States has laws that will recognize verbal contracts in a court of law and enforce the agreed upon provisions in the case of a dispute. However, because verbal contracts are oftentimes unwritten contracts, there will be inherent problems involved in a legal dispute surrounding verbal contracts.

The most common issue which arises is that verbal contracts are extremely hard to prove to have ever actually occurred in the first place. Evidence such as witnesses and an overall preponderance of evidence will be necessary to prove that a party violated verbal contracts. Therefore, it can be deemed that unwritten contracts, as opposed to formally written contracts, are not weighed as heavily or given the same legal merit in a court of law due to the lack of actual physical evidence of the contract.




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