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Don’t Miss These Important Facts About Indemnity

Indemnity refers to the practice of making a payment to another party because that party has suffered some form of loss or damage. The exact reason behind the need for
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What You Must Know Regarding Double Indemnity

Double indemnity refers to a specific clause that generally only arises in life insurance policies. A double indemnity life insurance policy is a life insurance policy which effectively would result
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Indemnity Bond

An indemnity bond is a type of indemnity agreement which is designed to protect a lender with regard to a particular loan. An indemnity bond gives some amount of surety
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Government Files Lawsuit against Fluor CompaniesGovernment Files Lawsuit against Fluor Companies On November 8, 2012, the Department of Justice announced that the United States government is intervening in a case against Fluor Corporation and its subsidiary, Fluor Hanford Inc, after the Texas-based companies used federal funds for lobbying activity.

Guide To: Contract Law Lawyers

Guide to Finding Business LawyerGuide to Finding Business Lawyer How do I find a Business Lawyer?Business lawyers are essential for commercial enterprises to ensure that they remain knowledgeable of the laws regulating their business and protecting their assets from liability.
Guide to Finding Contract LawyerGuide to Finding Contract Lawyer A contract lawyer is a unique arrangement that has lawyers working as temps by the terms of contract agreed upon by the client and the lawyer or lawyer temp agency.