Contract Law

Enforcing Contracts

Enforceable Contract At A Glance

An enforceable contract is any legal contract which carries the force of law behind it. It is a legal agreement between two parties which is legal binding. An enforceable contract
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Enforcing Contracts Fast Overview

The courts can become involved in enforcing contracts, including having a portion declared void.Unenforceable ContractsAn unenforceable contract is a valid contract which a legal body cannot compel one or both
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The Facts You Need to Know About Quasi Contracts

Quasi-contracts are a legal creation which are meant to prevent individuals from obtaining "unjust enrichment." Quasi-contracts are not true legal contracts. They are generally created by laws which share many
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What are Voidable Contracts

During the contract drafting process it is important for both parties to determine if they are creating a voidable contract. Contract laws have defined a voidable contract as a contract
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